Friday, April 10, 2009


Spring. And this young lady's thoughts are turning to fancy bicycles. With all the funky, retro trimmings. Something like the Cruiser/Gypsy from ultra hip, Electra Bicycle Company. I first spied these works-of-art-on-wheels in the window of Bikesenjava in Rockland, Maine and was immediately smitten. What really sold me (besides their unbelievable good looks) is the fact that they are actually comfortable to ride- especially for those of us with lower back issues (you peddle in a more upright, ergonomically correct position), the seat is, well... more like a saddle, and the optional fat tires are great for negotiating around pot-holes!
But given that we are smack dab in the middle of mud season, perhaps I should be thinking more along the lines of a John Deere. I wonder if they come equipped with wicker baskets and handle bar streamers?


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