Wednesday, February 10, 2010

message in a bottle

The Plastiki Expedition is a handpicked crew of adventurers, scientists, and creatives drawn together with a single goal in mind... To sail across the Pacific on a 60-foot catamaran made from reclaimed plastic bottles and aptly named 'Plastiki'.  
But why? According to their website "their mission is to beat waste by inspiring sustainable solutions, while bringing awareness to the ecological damage being done to the world's oceans."
I'll drink to that!


  1. Wow, what an amazing undertaking. Thanks for sharing, it looks like they just began their journey too. ~Lili

  2. Captain David of Plastiki thinks about ecosystem of the current earth.

    Its being really important.

  3. Fearless: I heard an interview with the Captain of Plastiki on WERU the other day - very interesting!

  4. Hirohito: Yes, really important! That's an understatement!