Sunday, April 17, 2011


Call me crazy... but I make my own shipping boxes. I just can't see buying a brand new box when there is so much perfectly good cardboard out there being thrown away! And while I do love sewing, my first love was construction. As in building construction. Bird houses, sheds, a house... yes, a house! Granted, I did have help. And if he'd followed my plans, it would still be standing today... but that's a whole 'nother story...
Anyway, I love taking solid, flat material and turning it into a 3 dimensional object; Designing, measuring, figuring, cutting... it's just a fascinating process.
Although as I was doing this photo shoot, I noticed that this box looked remarkably similar in size to a 18" pizza box... If only I'd thought of that before! I could have saved myself a lot of designing, measuring, figuring, cutting... ;)
The graphics on the appliance boxes I re-use are just fabulous! I love the 'universal language' of instructive images!