Monday, March 2, 2015

it's in the cards

Every so often I like to organize/purge my collection of business cards. Some are outdated, some are duplicates, and most have Facebook pages which I use as 'virtual' business cards, in place of the real thing (cuts down on the 'real' desk-top clutter!). But then there are the cards I just can't bear to part with...

If only (a few have long since closed up shop) because they are rockin' examples of some of the best graphic design you could hope to find (in my humble graphic-designer-wanna-be opinion...). You really have to cram a lot of info and personality into that tiny format, and I think these cards do a smashing job of it!
What do YOU think? Do you have an example of a really great biz card? Maybe your own? Maybe someone else's? We'd love to see it! Click on over to the OneWomanStudio Facebook page and post a photo!