Saturday, November 29, 2014

new work (part 2!)

I made myself a pair of these fleece fingerless mitts a few years ago and wear them (almost) year-round! After many compliments from friends and strangers alike - and requests for a pair of their very own - I am happy to report I am now in full production mode! While not yet available in my Etsy shop, there will be a big selection of them at my next (and final!!!) show of the season: ROOST Dec. 5 & 6 in Belfast, Maine.

In colors and sizes for both men and women, each pair is embellished with fun and funky buttons - some vintage, some new.

Thursday, November 13, 2014

new work

I recently had a request for a 'Dopp kit' style bag and I said 'sure, I'll give it a go!'. Now I can't stop making them! They're so fun to put together and I love making them up in wacky, unconventional fabrics (vintage Army tent, and camouflage are 2 of my favorites!)

Textured vinyl and pleather are also fun. The bags are lined with recycled sail cloth which makes them water-resistant and easy to wipe clean!

So happy to finally have a product that's geared towards the male population :)