Sunday, June 21, 2009

the perfect business card

I know this might sound a little wacky to some of you who might not be as fanatical as I am about recycling, but... I have been dilemma-tizing for weeks about buying card stock to print my business cards on! I just can't stand the thought of purchasing brand new virgin paper, and then hoping that after I'm done printing and cutting and handing out the finished product, it just doesn't end up in the waste stream- un-recycled!
I know, I know... all who receive one of my business cards will treasure it and always hold it dear...
But just in case, why not eliminate (most of) the problem, and print it on TRASH to begin with? The idea is beyond brilliant- check it out here

Sunday, June 14, 2009

very green artists

There is nothing I like more than to talk about art and recycling (and me of course)!
So when I was contacted by fellow Mainer/artist/blogger Jes from Junque Revival about contributing to a series of interviews she is calling "The Very Green Artist", I was overjoyed!
Three other artist who are saving the planet one fabulous creation at a time and who were interviewed are: designer/decorator Colette George of Cathedral of Dreams, upcycler artist Bonnie Thomas of PsandQs, and designer/artist Jennifer Wiglesworth of BelladonnaSurf fame.
Read all about us here...