Thursday, September 23, 2010


Done! (And no, I didn't loose an arm in the process - it just looks that way...)
Now it's time to pack up the truck and crack that beer. Cheers!

banner day

Oh why do I do this to myself? Mere hours before the biggest fair (see previous post) I have ever done and I am just now getting around to creating a banner for my booth...

What is that you say? Don't I think it would have been a good idea to just order one from like a banner making company or something? What?! And save myself all the stress, time, lost sleep and work of designing and building one from scratch? Obviously you have been spared the 'procrastination gene'.

Actually, I did have plans - way back when - to order a custom made banner. But then those 2 recurring thoughts popped into my head: 1. it will cost money, and 2. I can make it myself. Out of recycled materials.

And it will be a perfect reflection of what OneWomanStudio (and I) is all about: making do with what you have on hand, creatively repurposing whatever can't be recycled, and saving those pennies for the rainy day which inevitably will arrive.
...or for the six-pack of Geary's I will be ending this banner day with...

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

see you at the fair!

So in case you haven't heard... OneWomanStudio has a booth at the Common Ground Country Fair! This will be my very first time as a vendor at this incredible event and I am very excited (and nervous, and wondering how I will survive the 55,000+ fair-goers...). 
The fair is sponsored by The Maine Organic Farmers and Gardeners Association (MOFGA), and takes place on their sprawling Common Ground Education Center campus in Unity, ME.
You can find me, and my OneWomanStudio, in the Maine Marketplace East, just a short walk from the Pine Gate. I have a south facing booth space (yeah!) on the outside edge of the Large Tent (see the map below).
The fair runs from Friday Sept. 24 through Sunday Sept. 26, and gates open at 9am. See you at the fair!
click on the map for larger image, or download a map here

Thursday, September 9, 2010

show time!

I've been a busy bee these days, sewing up a bunch of messenger bags in preparation for the Woofstock show on Saturday, Sept 11th in Damariscotta, ME! 
Below is a photo of the bags in various stages of assembly. Each one is fashioned from 1-2 recycled pet food bags, which saves a whole lotta trash from ending up in the landfill!
Chicken, horse and llama feed bags also find their way into my creations. Here is a finished messenger bag crafted from a Nutrena Layer Pellets bag - one of my favorites and a really hot seller!
If you love dogs and absolutely anything relating to them, then Woofstock is the place for you to be this Saturday. There will be a pet parade, doggy fashion show, yard sale, yummy food, and lots of vendors peddling all manner of pet-centric products! And the best part - all proceed from this event will go directly to area animal shelters! See you there!