About onewomanstudio:
onewomanstudio is a tiny design and crafting studio nestled in the Maine woods, with a simple philosophy: Be good. To yourself, to others, and to the earth.

I use recycled, salvaged, and repurposed materials - either wholly or in part - in all of my designs, going out of my way not to use any virgin materials except where the design and product strictly call for it.

Since making my very first tote bag in 2004, onewomanstudio has been 100% Maine made and uses 100% Maine sourced recycled materials.

About the artist:
I like to believe I can see beauty in all things – recycled tarps and sails morph into funky handbags, old wallpaper and maps are recycled as stationery, and second-hand t-shirts are fashioned into unique skirts, tops and dresses. 

Being born into a family of artists whose motto is ‘waste not want not', I have been steeped in the act of finding creative uses for items that others might throw away, and I keep onewomanstudio stocked with a rotating array of upcycled and repurposed creations – all thoughtfully designed, expertly crafted and built to last.

As a self-taught artist and maker, I credit the gift of a childhood spent at my mother’s elbow as she sewed, painted, wallpapered (and completely transformed any available surface into a work of art) for developing the technical skills and creative freedom I now use in my own life and work as an artist.

Please visit my Etsy shop to see and shop my newest creations!