Monday, April 6, 2009

the responsibility of stuff

January 1st has always been my day to purge my overflowing file cabinet of all outdated and totally unnecessary paperwork, receipts, and clippings. However, it is now the second week in April and I am still at it! The file cabinet project was finished about the same time the leftover New Year's Eve champagne was, and resulted in a very large bag of paper and a really giggly trip to the recycling center. But I have since shifted my focus to, well, my entire home and studio! Not as overwhelming as it seems considering I live and work in a 1200 s.f. structure, and have never been much of a pack rat. What I do seem to be is more like a squirrel.
Boxes, within boxes of neatly wrapped and packed, no squirreled away... stuff! Little stuff, mind you. Not big stuff- which might have made it a little easier to deal with. Someone might have wanted a working toaster, lamp, foot massage machine. But does anyone really want to take on the responsibility of my sea glass collection? Mismatched and chipped tea cups? Mardi Gras beads? The word responsibility might seem a little weighty to use in this situation- but that's what it is. Big or small, if you choose to bring something (new juice glasses, wide-screen TV, a collection of vintage match books...) into your home, you are taking on the task of storing, caring, cleaning, and ultimately disposing of all this stuff. Responsibly.
Which is why I now have a nice big box of 'collectibles" destined for the local thrift shop, a finely curated assortment of trinkets for future crafty projects, and a big jar of colored glass which will go with me on my next trip to the ocean.

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