Tuesday, March 16, 2010

fare play

You know those wicked cool recycled grain bag totes, made famous by your favorite little dumpster diva? Well check 'em out now! As if having my recycled tote bags for sale in the super-hip, Rockport , ME cafe and market, Farmers Fare wasn't enough... they decided they needed to make them their very own!
Using their signature graffiti-like graphics and playfully juxtaposed words, these totes have been taken to the nth degree of hipness. Go there and get one before they sell out, because they will - they are that HOT!
Major kudos are owed to Farmers Fare's  masterful graphic designer Christian Helms, of Austin's The Decoder Ring Design Concern and Tim Sommer of Inner Sense Screenprinting, in Searsport, ME for helping to make this all come together.
And many thanks to all the folks at Farmers Fare - but especially Teri, the brains behind this project - for looking me up, tracking me down, and being one of my biggest fans :)

Click on the photo below to see more of these cool bags


  1. WOW! Mega congratulations! You've been a busy girl in high demand. I love them, especially the DIRT one, just because I'm imagining myself digging in the dirt soon with this fabulous weather. ~Lili

  2. Thank you! I'm really pleased with this whole project.
    Can't believe this weather...Crazy! I especially love the smell of the dirt in my raised beds warming in the sun, mmm...

  3. Hey! I bought one of these, this weekend, at Farmer's Fare and it is splendiforous! LOVE the design idea of yours married to their graphics!

  4. Awesome! So glad you like it - and thanks for supporting two Maine businesses!