Tuesday, April 7, 2009


Behold- the humble #10 tin can. Strong, stable, well proportioned. Everything you could ask for in a man- err, can.
And I find myself inexplicably drawn to them- kind of like a crow to a shiny piece of aluminum foil.
If fact, I have been finding new and unusual uses for them just so I can keep them hanging around without them just, hanging around. Such as... kitchen utensil holder, plant pot (obvious choices), dog dish stand (you know, to keep them at the dog-gonomically correct height), and my yet to be attempted newest crafty idea (although admittedly not novel)- pendant light fixture shades. That'll keep 'em hanging around a while!
In the mean time...
Artists who are upcycling tin cans and such in some really fabulous ways can be found on Etsy. One of my favorites is Christine Terrell of adaptive reUse. Check out her fresh as spring, Polka Round Charms bracelet. Another artist making fun and funky pieces is Vicki Wolf of wearwolfs. Her pins and brooches are just too cool- check out this one.

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  1. I make lanterns from mine (or you can keeps pens etc in them):

    Recycling is fun, always think of new ways to use tin cans!