Wednesday, May 27, 2009

the greenest of green

Memorial Day was one of the most beautiful days we have seen yet this Spring, and I spent it wisely. Walking my dog, digging in the dirt, feeling the sun on my skin- all the while feeling deeply grateful for being able to enjoy it all in a safe, healthy and peaceful environment.
I was also thankful that I had remembered to charge my camera batteries as I headed out the door to seek out and capture on film, the quintessential 'spring green'.
Luckily, the Beech trees that are so abundant on my property had been preparing themselves for this debut, and had at once decided to don their greenest of green foliage (or so it seemed!).
I will never tire of my 'seek and capture mission' that I embark on every Spring. Nor will I tire of speaking words of gratitude that when I decide my mission is accomplished, I can just walk home.

1 comment:

  1. Oh I love the newbie green leaves so very much too! I join you in your gratitude. And after our "Wintah" ... it is all the more sweeter!