Tuesday, August 28, 2012

wash day

While a clothesline full of freshly washed jeans, t-shirts, and undies drying in the breeze is a sight to behold, for me, a line full of just-scrubbed feed bags is equally satisfying!

Cat food bags (above) and rabbit feed bags (below) washed and ready to be made into tote bags!

A kiddie pool is the perfect sized 'wash-tub'! I fill it with solar-heated water from my garden hose (it gets REALLY hot!) and scrubba-dubb-dubb...


  1. I'll bet you're getting ready for Common Ground. Won't be making it this year as I've already done my Maine trip for the summer. but sure was impressed with the scope of it. Sell lots!
    I'm really liking the look of your burlap and combined fabric. Well done.

  2. I am! I love Common Ground, but it is a LOT of work for one person :0 I hope your Maine visit was a good one - The weather has been perfect for months it seems like!
    The combination of the burlap and fabric is my new favorite. I hope to have a bunch of hobo bags made up too. There never seems to be enough time to make all the ideas running around in my head come to fruition!